$69.99 A Month

Initial start up fee of $50.00 is to be paid with the first month upon signing agreement between the client and credit expert.


Our credit repair program is three (3) months long. The first three (3) months are mandatory to see efficient results. Any month added after the third month is based on the clients need, but you can cancel at anytime.Any month added after the first three (3) months is $69.99. A lot of our clients see results in as little as 60 to 90 days , but see maximum results in six (6) to twelve (12) months.

What Client Should Expect 

  •  Client should have obtained their credit report from CreditKarma and have a copy at hand for consultation. You can obtain your free annual credit report on
  • It should be made clear that the primary objective is a genuine exchange of information and financial goals from client. It should also be clear that consultation is different to obtaining written approvals from affected client. Client should expect to answer personal questions about their finances,lifestyle and anything else the credit expert may need.
  • The consultation is free.
  • Client at the end of consultation should have a better understanding of their credit report, a projected timeline of how long the service will take and proposed fee for services.

What To Expect From Credit Expert
While answering any questions you may have, you can also expect….

  • A breakdown of what UpMyScore has to offer
  • A breakdown of your FICO Score, credit report and what affects your credit
  • A thorough breakdown of your finances based off your credit report
  • Adequate information of the proposed timeline is to be given so that client knows what is proposed.
  • Proposed fee

Pay Your Invoices using the paypal button below. Please input the amount you wish to pay in the item price and select whether you have a paypal account or not. If you do not, please use a credit/debit card to make your payment.