Once you have inquired, a credit expert will contact you immediately via email to schedule a phone call. consultation is as much about listening as it is about imparting information, and is more about the quality of the information imparted than it is about quantity. Consultations generally occur with people who are adversely affected by their credit score, who may or may not have specifics reasons but the number one objective for all clients is FINANCIAL FREEDOM. INQUIRE TODAY!


The consultation is one of the simplest ways of communicating your goal as a client, and for the credit expert to explain the process, and ensuring that the client is kept informed. The consultation serves three purposes:

  • It informs managers and decision­ makers of the findings (outputs) of the consultation
  • It provides feedback to participants in the consultation process
  • It allows the findings to be shared with client so they are aware of what is on their credit report.


- Client should have obtained their credit report and have a copy at hand for consultation. ( signing up for their 7-day trial for $1.) or by obtaining their free credit report from

- It should be made clear that the primary objective is a genuine exchange of information and financial goals from client. It should also be clear that consultation is different to obtaining written approvals from affected client. Client should expect to answer personal questions about their finances, lifestyle and anything else the credit expert may need.

- Client at the end of consultation should have a better understanding of their credit report, a projected timeline of how long the service will take and proposed fee for services.


- A breakdown of what UpMyScore has to offer

- A breakdown of FICO Score, Credit reports and what affects your credit

- A thorough breakdown of your finances based off your credit report

- Adequate information of the proposed timeline is to be given so that client knows what is proposed.

- Proposed fee